Pica Lletres

The most important linguistic quiz in Catalonia begins a new season!

Sant Feliu de Guíxols hosted the opening show of the new season of the linguistic quiz Pica Lletres. 12,000 secondary-school students from all around Catalonia will take part in the show this year. As is tradition, the show began in the hometown of last edition's winner, in this case Jordina Escofet, from Sant Feliu de Guíxols. TV Costa Brava has shot in this village the first of the 17 territorial editions of the show. The rest of them will be shot in the following months and will be broadcast by more than twenty local networks. Pica Lletres will also be broadcast by around twenty radio stations, among them the 12 stations that broadcast the quiz last year. The radio broadcasts and TV broadcasts of Pica Lletres will begin in April and end in June 2015, with the broadcast of the Great National Final, which will decide the national winners. Once again, La Xarxa and Televisió de Catalunya will coproduce the Great National Final, which will be broadcast by Canal Super3. After the last season, the show has gained a great deal of acceptance, both among the local media (more than 40 stations and channels) and the participating high schools (more than 200). 2nd-ESO-grade students will take part in the radio show, and 3rd-ESO-graders in the TV show, the idea being that the radio show is a launch pad towards the TV show. Every show is 25 minute long, and has students face different tests. The main test is word spelling, but they must also build up rhymes, detect barbarisms and match words and their definitions.


The show was held at the Narcís Masferrer hall (Sant Feliu de Guíxols), and it attracted 200 students from different schools around the region of Baix Empordà. The show, conducted by the actor Dafnis Balduz (presenter of Pica Lletres at Canal Blau TV), was attended by last season's winners: Jordina Escofet from Sant Feliu de Guíxols (TV show winner) and Jonathan Sánchez and Ferran Mirabent from Osona (radio show winners). Joan Alfons Albó (mayor of Sant Feliu de Guíxols) and Francesc Pena (managing director of La Xarxa) attended the show. Pena highlighted “the power of cohesion and territorial structuring of Pica Lletres, which has involved students and schools from all over the country”. The show was recorded by TV Costa Brava, which will broadcast it as a special chapter before each of the territorial editions of the show.

TV broadcast

This year, the show will be broadcast by VOTV, M1TV, El 9 TV, Canal Blau TV, Canal Terrassa, TV Sant Cugat, Cugat.cat, Canal Reus TV, Canal Terres de l’Ebre, TAC 12, Olot TV, TV Ripollès, TV Girona, Lleida TV, Aran TV, Pirineus TV, Canal Taronja central, TV Costa Brava and Penedès TV. Radio broadcast: Some twenty stations will broadcast the show, among them Canal Terrassa, Ràdio Vic, FeM Girona, Ràdio l’Escala, Altafulla Ràdio, EMUN FM Ràdio, Radio Montblanc, L’Espluga FM Ràdio, Reusdigital, Mataró Ràdio, Ràdio Vilafranca and Ràdio Granollers.

Pica Lletres is a product of the Local Communication Network, produced by Produccions Audiovisuals Antàrtida.


2013-2014 Pica Lletres winners

Dafnis Balduz

The assistants

A ceremony moment

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